This booth was founded in 2010 with forged iron and plywood. (seriously) that thing was a beast!

Well it’s been a while since we started and we’ve got ourselves a sleeker booth and a solid team to run all over Southern California. All of our layouts are customizable and offer flat package rates. We’re very proud of the instant fun and share-ability of our images and the laughter we get to par-take in with all of our clients.

Please contact us for all inquiries for 2015- 2016 for your next event.


John Datuin
  • John Datuin

  • Manager
  • John manages our gigs in Los Angeles County
Jenna Pangan
  • Jenna Pangan

  • Manager
  • Jenna operates and runs Orange County gigs
Jon Le
  • Jon Le

  • Manager
  • Jon Manages all gigs in Orange County and Riverside County
Megan Pangan
  • Megan Pangan

  • Manager
  • Megan handles all meetings, email correspondence and scheduling.



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