Everything You Need to Know

 Photo booths are generally really fun to have during your reception of your wedding or corporate event. 

After having this photo booth biz for 4 years, there are a few things I’ve learned and dealt with.  Read this post to find out what questions you should be asking your next photo booth service and considering as you plan your event.

Is it outside or inside?

It’s pretty annoying to find out that your photo booth has to be outside and now the wind is blowing your backdrop down because there are no weights to hold it down.

Are the props old and dingy? 

After every event, there’s bound to be some things missing, some broken oversized glasses, whatever.  Be sure that the props are clean and simple.

How fast does it take to print?

As long as it’s under 20 seconds, that’s fast enough

What about jams?

Paper jams I mean, they happen, be sure they have a contingency plan for it.  Our is a pair of really really sharp scissors 😉

Is there a way to share your photos? Do you get all of them at the end of the event?

Hands down the answers to these questions should be yes.

How many hours do you need?

For a wedding, 4-5 hours. Corporate events last as long as you have the event.

What kind of quality to look for?

Printers should be inkjet, that will ensure the best quality for on the spot printing

How does it work?

Usually the booth or software takes 3-4 images on a count, they print out in about 15-20 seconds for you handle–smudge free. Booths should allow you to write your custom text on the print out and offer unlimited printing.  If they don’t offer that, their prices should be drastically lower from the the competition.

Do photo booths take away from the main show?

They can. It’s important that you give enough time for all the events that important to you.  For example, you could have the emcee announce that the booth is closed while people give their speeches.


What are the questions you have? Ask in the comments and we’ll post the answer and update this post continually. Thanks!