We’re at Big Canyon Country Club!

We’ve done a lot of weddings. A lot (a-la Dumb and Dumber). Shout out to Brett and Kayleigh!

I’m never too surprised by golf courses, but this one did genuinely shock me. Incredibly elegant and well light inside.

jamesWe nestled up pretty tightly in a comfy corner and prepared for our first event with the new booth.


I must say, I haven’t peeps get that cray since we first started. Implementing new software and even a new team member (see right). I could see from a far that our James was having a blast with Brett and Kayleigh’s guests.

Can’t wait to try see people will do with our new props. Debonaire mustaches and fabulous Mr. and Mrs. handles coming soon!

Just wish our booth could print in half a second!



Stay fancy,